• Wide Contact Patch
  • Puncture Proof Material (PPM)
  • Added Sidewall Nylon
  • Special Formulated Compounds
  • Advanced Tire Technology
  • 21×6-10 | 21×7-10 | 20×6-10


The Goldspeed MX-F ATV tires feature a special tread design with larger rectangular blocks engineered to deliver unbelievable traction, ware life & longevity. This tire is known to last a very long time yet provide the Goldspeed performance that sets you apart from the competition. The MXF features rubber compounds delivering an unmatchable traction yet still provide a long lasting ware life that is worth every penny when shopping for your ATV. Developed with TOP world ATV champions to provide a tire specifically made to win! Constructed with new advanced tire technology & Puncture Proof Material (PPM) to deliver a performance you can’t match. Use the same rubber compounds the top Pro’s want and are specifically built to set you apart from the competition every time!


  • 21x6x10 made to replace the 21x7x10
  • 20x6x10 made to replace the 20x7x10


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